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Crater Maker Launches on iOS! 08/09/2016

We’ve just launched Crater Maker on the Apple Store for iPhones and iPads, with Apple TV support coming later! After our initial launch on Android we’ve made several updates and improvements and have taken those changes into the iOS build released today. If you like the game please be sure to write a review and tell your friends! If you run into any issues leave us some feedback so that we can continue to make…

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Crater Maker Launches on Android! 07/24/2016

We are excited¬†to announce that Crater Maker has launched on its first platform: Google Play on Android devices!¬†Originally started in January of 2014, Crater Maker has come a long way from the weekend project we took on and evolved into a product we can be proud of. We decided to launch on mobile devices first to get it into the most hands possible. Our next task at hand is addressing any bugs that are reported…

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